Yewdale Counselling Services

Serving West Lancashire

Practice Manager

Jill Hyland started at Yewdale as a student counsellor about seven years ago, she is the one who has her finger on the pulse at all times and is always ready to offer our volunteers and clients a brew and a kind word.  Jill administers the staff, the books, the diary and the organisation of Yewdale, without her we would not be able to function.


Our Volunteers

Joe, Sue,  Sian, Dave, Sian, Kelly, Nicola, Debbie, Sandra, Vikki, Margaret, Stephanie, Sonya, Katya, Nathan, Hayley and Steve  are qualified or very close to being fully qualified and as such they give up the free time in order to offer the gift of counselling and they are simply amazing.


Volunteer Receptionists

We have a volunteer receptionist who meets and greets clients,  tidy and do whatever admin tasks are asked of them.  A big thank you to Sue.


The Board

The board members work in the background, responsible for all planning and the future development and coordination of Yewdale.



The Samaritans


Drink Aware


Dpression Alliance


Talk To Frank



Mind Charity









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